Matola 275/66kV S/S - Mocambique

The Matola 275/66kV S/S project undertaken on behalf of Isolux (Spain) represents the pinacle of our achievements thusfar.   This project was a major undertaking in terms of commissioning of a major new installation and our achievements in finalising this plant and getting it ready for energising is a feat which we take great pride in.

The installation comprises 2 x 275kV feeders,  1 x 275kV Bus Coupler,  1 x 160MVA 275/66/33kV Power Transformer,  6 x 66kV overhead line feeders and a 66kV Bus Coupler as well as the AC and DC auxillary systems associated with an installation of this nature.

The technical complexity of this installation in terms of the protection and control systems employed and the faith shown in our technical competance to commission these systems is testament to our growing recognition in the international market.



The following details petain:

275kV Switchyard:

2 x overhead line feeder bays
1 x bus coupler
1 x 160MVA transformer feeder

Protection and Control Systems:-

Line Feeders:
Main 1 = Siemens Siprotec 4 7SD610 
  current differential
Main 2 = Siemens Siprotec 4 7SA522 
  distance with teleprotection and   
  integral single pole ARC
Control: Siemens SICAM-SAS with 
  6MD66 Bay Unit
Siemens Siprotec 3 7UT513 transformer differential and REF
Siemens Siprotec 4 7SJ610 for HV,MV and LV Overcurrent E/F
Control: Siemens SICAM-SAS with 6MD66 Bay Unit
Bus-Bar ./ Circuit Breaker Failure Protection:
Siemens 7SS52 distributed system                                   

  66kV Switchyard

  6 x overhead line feeders
  1 x bus coupler
  2 x bus section
  1 x transformer incommer

  Line Feeders:
  Main 1 = Siemens Siprotec 4 7SA522 distance with  
    teleprotection and integral ARC
  Main 2 = Siemens Siprotec 4 7SA522 distance with    
    teleprotection and ARC
  Control: Siemens SICAM-SAS with 6MD63 Bay Unit
  Siemens Siprotec 4 7SJ1610

Our Involvement    

Complete functional testing of outdoor switchgear and interlocking including conventional remote controls and controls from the SICAM-SAS digital control system.

Current and voltage transformer tests: ratio, burden, mag curves, sec resistance, insulation resistance, primary injection to prove cabling and panel wiring.

Protection and Control systems: complete calibration and function tests of tripping functions,  relay characteristics, functionality of operation, Auto Reclose systems etc.

Power Transformer:  voltage ratio, tap changer operation,  bucholz temperature and pressure protection

Test Equipment:  we utilised an Omicron CPC 100 for most primary tests and an Omicron CMC 256 for all secondary tests



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